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Two stage electrostatic purification equipment


  Two-stage electrostatic purifier designed by our company have changed ever single static model, structure of two stage electrostatic, a large number of lampblack of exhaust gas can be cleared after the first electrostatic filter, then through the second electrostatic processing, fine dust in the flue gas and oil spray can be better captured. Fine dust and dry oil spray have high specific resistance, not easy to be captured. But after the first electrostatic charged time stay for a few seconds, enter the second electric field, can be set down very good, achieve to make the chimney emissions a good effect.



The principle of the electrostatic working process


      Cooling System


  High temperature exhaust gas of setting machine collected by the main duct through a set of bellows produce pressure, filter trap the fine dust, cloth dust, velvet cloth in high temperature waste gas before through the condenser, when high temperature exhaust gas entering the condenser (equipped with corresponding flow cooling tower) turn into liquid oil and water particles into two stage electrostatic system.


      Two stage electrostatic system


    Cooled exhaust gas, into the electrostatic exhaust gas purifier, the waste gas from down to up in anode tube bundle in uniform flow, moisture and oil and gas condensate respectively into water mist and oil mist; At the same time, under the effect of electric field, the sub-micron oil mist and water mist particle in the electric field charged, the charged oil mist and water mist under the effect of electric field force, make directional migration and trap to the wall, through wall down into the bottom of equipment as gravity, the oil and water can be recycled after diverter separation. At the same time, because of high voltage electric field, the organic molecules will be ionized to charged ions, the chemical bond of organic compounds will be break or carbonized, unpleasant and excitative smell of exhaust has been eliminated. The waste gas after purification, under exhaust fan, through the chimney discharged into the atmosphere, so as to truly achieve the national standards.


      Oil and water separation system


    Separate oil and water by a special oil-water separator, lest produce secondary pollution, and effective recycling waste oil at the same time, meet the requirements of environmental protection and improve economic efficiency, reduce operating costs.


    Drain-off system


   Main fan according to the size of emissions and the oily fume determine the vent capacity by frequency converter and emissions through chimneys, truly achieves the effect of energy conservation and emissions reduction.


   Safety protection system


  On electrostatic exhaust gas purifier, and the front pipe, have corresponding automatic and manual valves respectively and temperature meter which can provide the electrical signal and can set temperature limit, when on fire in the pipe, the temperatures of exhaust gas  will rise to the cap, the system will automatically shut down pneumatic butterfly valve which set before electrostatic exhaust purifier, open the evacuation valve of exhaust gas to pressure relief, and at the same time open the steam valve can be respectively to the exhaust gas electrostatic purifier or pipe of flue gas spray steam, realize the function of automatic alarm and rapid fire extinguishing, the maximum to avoid the fire.


    Intelligent control system


    System can be set local and remote two operating modes, have two operation panel button on cabinet and remote touch screen operation side, two operating modes are locking each other, which can fully prevent instructions run chaos phenomenon caused by the conflict, can guarantee the safe operation, and reliable. The remote operating mode with manual/automatic mode is optional. Automatic mode, the device can judge the user setting machine open situation by themselves, depending on the amount of actual open setting machine, intelligent choice the best operating mode of purification equipment, automatic adjusting high voltage power supply, air door, fire valve, fan and water pump running state, the whole operation without staff.

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